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  • Test Taking Tips!

    * Get plenty of rest the night before the test.

    * Eat a good, nutritious breakfast.

    * Be on time for school!

    * Read and carefully follow all of the directions for the test.

    * Read each question. (Try to decide wheter the question is an "in the book" question or an "in my head" question.)

    * Before looking at the options in a multiple choice question, ask yourself if youo already know the answer. If so, look to find that answer among the choices.

    * Before selecting your answer, read all of the options. 

    * Read the question agian, this time with the answer you selected to see if it sounds correct.

    * Try to use your time well, so that you have the time to finish the entire test and then go back over it to check your answers.

    * Try to eliminate any options that obviously cannot be correct. 

    Bulldog B  

    Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!

    We have some awesome opportunities for our students to be a part of this 2017-2018 school year:
    Athletics (Football, Basketball, Track, Volleyball, Baseball)
    Beta Club
    Fellowship of Christian Students
    Jazz Band
    Student Council
    Science Club
    Interact Club 
    Yearbook Club