Battered Women's Shelter

         Items for the Battered Women's Shelter
(Due at our next meeting on December 6th.)
Inspirational Books

Children's and Newborn's Clothes
School Uniforms/ Shirts (all sizes)
Children's Underwear (girls & boys)
Clear Storage Containers (W/ Lids)
Dishwashing Liquids
Laundry Detergent 

Towels (all sizes)

Sheets (twin and full)

Zip Lock Bags (all sizes)

Personal Hygiene Items (bath soaps, toothpate, etc.)

Cleaning Products (Clorox, Pine Sol, Furniture Polish, etc.)

Underwear (women and children)

Socks (women and children)

Baby Bottles



Pampers (all sizes)


Alarms Clocks

Lamps (bedroom)

Pictures (bedroom)

School Supplies

Jackets (all sizes)

Coats (all sizes)

Perfume Sprays

Any Other Ideal Items such as Umbrellas and Fans


Please, we are asking at least two or three items per member.