The Main Street RESTART (Restructured Education with Strategic Training and Academically Relevant Teaching) Center program is the alternative school for the Hinds County School District. It serves students who have been assigned to the alternative school for an observation period based on discipline records from his/her previous school or students who have been removed from his/her home school for non-expulsion infractions after a due process hearing has been held. RESTART may also serve specific overage students. When a student with a disability is placed in an interim alternative setting, the setting must enable the student to continue to receive those services and modifications described in the student’s current IEP, and to receive services and modifications designed to address the student’s behavior. The timetable for a student’s exit from the RESTART Center and re-entry to his/her home school is based upon a pre-determined number of points that must be earned by each student.


        The RESTART Center consists of a highly qualified, motivated, and culturally diverse staff that models respect, cares for each student, and builds trust among staff and students by staying focused on student learning and providing success for all in a positive school atmosphere. School-wide rules, expectations, and procedures will be explained to staff and students in order to maintain a safe and orderly environment conducive to learning. The staff will provide direct supervision of all activities on a closed campus. Clear and consistent learning and behavioral goals will be in place for each student. The RESTART staff will work to establish and maintain a positive school/home relationship. Counseling will be provided for students and parents. School district and community support are essential to the success of this program.


         Students are assigned to the RESTART Center for various reasons. It is imperative that the staff is aware of the circumstances surrounding the student’s placement in this alternative educational setting. Some students may have lost all hope in themselves and lost all trust in the adults that surround them. Therefore, we must not only restart, but we must also restore hope and trust. Hope and trust can be restored when a student begins to experience success. This newfound success will lead to a renewed interest in learning. The school’s staff will equip the students with the tools needed to be successful in their home schools and in our society. Now these students have regained their place in society and have begun to rebuild relationships with their peers and the adults that care about them. These students now have respect for themselves, their abilities, and respect for others. The student is now ready to re-enter his/her home school with expectations of continued success!



Last Modified on February 6, 2018