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    The SAT is a predictive-aptitude college admission test that lets students show what they know and how well they can apply their knowledge.  All colleges and universities in the United States accept both the ACT and the SAT for admission purposes, and it’s important to find the assessment that best fits your test-taking style. Some students score significantly higher on one test over the other. It is in your best interest to look at how the ACT and the SAT differ and make a decision based on your specific strengths. You may even want to take a Practice ACT and a Practice SAT to familiarize yourself with the assessments. You can use this TABLE (which is the exact table that is recommended for use by college admission departments) to compare your scores and see which assessment is the best option for you.

    Since so few Terry High School students take the SAT, here is some information that you may find helpful when considering taking this test. One of the biggest issues to consider is that since the SAT focuses on critical reading and thinking/reasoning skills, it may take some practice to understand what the question is asking before you immediately begin to answer—even in the mathematics sections! On a related note, the SAT strongly emphasizes vocabulary and often uses “big words” that many high school students would not typically know. In the mathematics section, the SAT mainly covers Algebra I and Geometry (with a little Algebra II), while the ACT covers these courses plus trigonometry. The SAT does not have a specific science test, though some of the reading passages may be on science-related issues. 

    If you are considering taking the SAT, please check out the “SAT Practice” on the left for more detailed information about the SAT. Please note that the SAT will be launching a redesigned assessment for the first time in March 2016 and practice materials (on some websites) and registration for the redesigned SAT will be accessible beginning in summer 2015. Make sure you are studying the same SAT for which you are registered!

Last Modified on April 16, 2015