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    School staff will work closely with each student to modify his/her behavior.  All students are required to follow the discipline policy found in the HCSD Handbook for Parents and Students.
    Our goal at MSRC is to ensure that we have a bully-free school environment.  If any student or school employee feels that he/she has been the victim of bullying or harassing behavior, he or she has the fundamental right to defend by reporting such conduct to the principal.  The report shall be made promptly but no later than five (5) calendar days after the alleged act or acts occurred.  (See HCSD Handbook)
    Targeted Focus of Behavior Modification
    • The student is composed.
    • The students is compliant.
    • The student is respectful.
    • *see handbook
    Failure to follow the district's Code of Conduct will result in an office referral that may result in the following:

    1st Office Referral

    250 points added to length of stay; notice sent home

    2nd Office Referral

    500 points added to length of stay; contact parents & notice sent home

    3rd Office Referral

    3 Days of In-School Detention (ISD); No points may be earned while student is in ISD; Work assignments must be completed and school rules followed

    4th Office Referral 

    5 Days of In-School Detention (ISD); contact parent & notice sent home
     ***Habitual Violations and/or a Major Infraction
    (school and/or bus)
    10 Days in ISD; 1-10 days OSS and/or bus suspensions. Possible recommendation for expulsion from the HCSD for one calendar year and/or from the bus; contact parent & notice sent home
    *The nature and severity of individual student actions will determine the level of disciplinary action.  Special Education students will be disciplined on a case-by-case basis.
    Class IV, V, and VI Behaviors: (see HCSD Handbook for a detailed list)
    These types of behaviors are very serious in nature and result in severe consequences such as long-term suspensions and /or expulsions.  These types of behaviors are unacceptable at the RESTART Center.  Students who violate the law (any criminal or violent behavior) may be arrested by law enforcement and transported to the Hinds County Detention Center and a report will be filed with Hinds County Sheriff's Department.
    • Habitual violations of Class I-III Behavior (four or more)
    • Fighting, Robbery/Burglary, Gambling, Arson, Severe disruptions
    • Verbal (abusive language/threats), Physical, and/or Sexual Assault against RESTART Center personnel or a student
    • Possession of Illegal Contraband - illegal substances, pornographic materials, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, objects, or weapons are strictly prohibited
    • Gang Activity - the presence of gang activity is strictly prohibited.  Royal blue, red, yellow, and black are recognizable gang colors as well as symbols such as stars, winged hearts, and pitchforks and therefore, are not allowed at MSRC.
    • Any other offense which the principal may reasonably judge to fall within this category
Last Modified on February 6, 2018