• Benefits for Full-Time Employees

    Family-friendly Holiday Schedules

    In addition to most federal holidays, full-time employees are also off for Thanksgiving break; Christmas break (two weeks); and spring break (one week).  For detailed information on exactly which days schools and offices are closed, please see the Calendar Page.


    Flexible Spending Accounts
    (Section 125 / Cafeteria Plan)
    Employees can save money by paying for eligible dependent care (child and adult) and unreimbursed medical expenses with "pre-tax" dollars. 
    • To view a general informational presentation from American Fidelity- the district's plan provider [click here].
    • To obtain claims forms from American Fidelity [click here].
    • To view the complete Flexible Benefits Plan manual [click here].
    • To view Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) [click here].
    • To view a list of common medical expenses and their eligibility for reimbursement under the Flex Spending Account [click here].
    • To view the form required to make changes to your current flex account [click here].
    • To view the contact information on our plan provider [click here].
    • To view account balance and reimbursement status 24/7 [click here].
    Student Transfers
    Children of full-time employees are allowed tuition-free transfers to attend Hinds County Schools if you live outside of the district boundaries. To review the procedures for transfer [click here].
    Full-time employees receive free individual (single) medical insurance. Optional family coverage is available at the employee's expense. To learn more about your free no-deductible Expanded Wellness Benefit effective January 1, 2010 [click here]   To download an insurance application [click here].  For more details, contact Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi Customer Service at: 800-709-7881.
    Prescription Drug Plan To learn more about your Pharmacy benefits [click here]. To reach your Mississippi Plan representative, call 866-757-7839.
    Unemployment Compensation
    Hinds County School District participates in the Mississippi State Unemployment Program at no cost to employee. This program covers loss of job through no fault of the employee. All claims for benefits must be filed with local State Unemployment Office.
    Worker's Compensation
    Covers on-the-job injuries or disabilities. Insurance carried on all employees as protection against loss of wages and for medical expenses incurred by employee injured on the job.
    PERS (Public Employees
    Retirement System)
    Full-time employees contribute 7.25% of all gross earnings and the district contributes 12% into a state-backed defined benefit retirement program. Employees are vested after four years if you entered PERS service prior to July 1, 2007 or eight years of service after this date. To view more details in the PERS Member Handbook [click here]. Employees can register for full-day educational seminars on the PERS Web Site.
    Disability Insurance
    Full-time employees who are vested in the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) are provided no-cost disability coverage. To view more details in the PERS Member Handbook [click here].
    Tax Advantage Retirement
    Savings Accounts
    Employees are eligible to invest in both 457 (Deferred Compensation) and 403(b) tax-deferred retirement accounts. For more information [click here]. To view contact information about companies who provide these services to Hinds County employees [click here].
    Family Medical Leave
    Permanent, full-time personnel who have worked for district for 12 months are eligible for 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave under Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993.
    Student Loan Forgiveness for Teachers
    Depending upon the school where you teach, you may be eligible for Student Loan Forgiveness after a certain time period.
    Employee Discounts 
    Receive discounted services at Regions Bank .

    Benefits for Part-Time Employees

    Social Security Alternative Plan
    Through the Premier Retirement Savings Plan, you contribute 7.5% of your pay to your plan account on a pre-tax basis.
    Plan Highlights
    See the benefits of this plan for you.


Last Modified on August 12, 2014