STUDENT BEHAVIORAL SERVICES                                                                           
    Student Behavioral Health Services strive to promote the emotional and behavioral health, well-being and academic achievement of all HCSD students.




    Student Behavioral Health Service professionals support positive student connections with peers, family, school and community to facilitate student development. They also facilitate the ability to successfully deal with problems, crises, or traumatic experiences. Furthermore, Student Behavioral Health Service  professionals foster resiliency - the ability to bounce back from challenges with a stronger sense of self-confidence and coping capacity - by promoting healthy relationships, self-reflection and problem-solving skills to optimize school success.

    Finally, Student Behavioral Health Service professionals provide leadership and support in helping schools and school personnel maintain a safe and orderly environment for teaching and learning. The department provides training for school officials to deal with inappropriate student behavior equitably.  The Office of Student Behavioral Health Services offers effective interventions for students and coordinates/facilitates the implementation of a Bully-free environment conducive to teaching and learning for our students and staff.



    Talmadge Smith

    Student Behavioral Health Services Coordinator


Last Modified on October 16, 2018