The History of our School
    by: Beverly Dixon
         The Utica Public School was established in about 1879. Some of the early principals were Mr. Hohnny McGowan, Mr. Nathan Rials, Mr. S.M. Brinkley , and Mr. W. H Holtzclaw. 
         The old school was condemned or destroyed. In order to have school, a house was used, then a lodge hall. The community looked upon the dilapidated condition of the building and decided to build another school building. During this time, Mrs. Mary Mccadney, Mrs. A.M. Flanders and Mr. S.P. Brown were serving as principal when one acre of land was purchased to buld a new building. The next term Mrs. F.B. Stiles became principal
         The idea of a Rosenwald school was planned. Additional land was needed and purchased. In 1924 the school was built with the help of the Julius Rosenwald Fund.
         The teaching staff was composed of four teachers. Later principals that served were Mr. B.F. Williams, Mr. Williams Holloway, and Mr. Obediah McInnis.
         In 1948 that building was replaced by a stone building which became known as the Utica Colored School. During this time small schools were consolidated with the Utica Colored School.
         In 1955 Mr. Marcellus Smith became principal , following Mr. B. F. Williams' retirement.
         A new building was built in 1959 to expand the school for futher consolidation as it was named Mixon Junior High School (1st-12th grade) in honor of an old pioneer, Mr. Robert Mixon, who devoted the the greater part of his life to the teaching profession. He began his teaching career in Hinds County in about 1881 and served nearly fifty seven years.
         Because of the service that he rendered, the Hinds County Board of Education approved the name Mixon Junior High School. In 1959 this school began under the leadership of Mr. Ellie Hue Marshall with twenty classroom teachers. In 1963 an annex was added that consisted of eight classrooms. In 1969-1970 Mixon Junior High School and Utica Consolidated (1st-6th grade) combined. Mixon Junior High became Mixon Elementary School.
         Principals serving at Mixon Elementary School after 1982 were Mr. Glen Wilkerson and Mrs. Bobbie Davis. Also, in 1983 public Kindergarten was added. In 1994 a new building was built and the name changed to Utica Elementary School under the leadership of Mrs. Bobbie Davis, Mr. Fulton Rushing, and Mr. Clinton Johnson.
         In 2004, because of the addition of the Utica Elementary School, the 7th and 8th grade students that were enrolled at Carver Middle School in Raymond were permitted to return to their home town and the name of the school became Utica Elementary Middle School. Serving as principal was Mr. John Neal followed by Mrs. Kelly Earls. At the present time Dr. Will Smith is the principal of Utica Elementary Middle School (Pre-K through 8th grade).
Last Modified on March 23, 2021