• Raymond High School and Mutual Credit Union have agreed to partner to improve academic achievement through positive student and faculty recognition.  The administration thanks Mutual Credit for their support and hopes that this opportunity has a positive impact in the lives of the students at Raymond High School.
    The partnership includes the following:
    • Mutual Credit Union will provide recognition to staff and students each month.  These individuals will be named the "Mutual Credit Union Students and Teacher of the Month" and will receive gifts for their accomplishments.
    • Mutual Credit Union will provide school supplies and other incentives for students periodically throughout the year.
    • Mutual Credit Union will serve as an active member on the school's Title I advisory committee.
    • Raymond High School will promote Mutual Credit Union throughout the school year on the school's website, newsletters, flyers, and other documents sent home to parents.
    • Raymond High School will provide opportunities for Mutual Credit Union to hold inservice trainings with the teachers and parents of Raymond High School periodically throughout the school year.
    Please click the picture below to view more information about Mutual Credit Union.