• Google Classroom Codes


    If you haven’t joined one or more of the classes your teachers are using in Google Classroom during this time of distance learning, the list is below.  Please remember to access Google Classroom, you will need to use your hindsschools address. 

        Username: (MSIS number)@hindsschools.com (last six numbers)

        Password: Hinds016!  -- If you changed your password and can’t remember it, please email me at jhart@hinds.k12.ms.us and I will work to get it reset for you.


    Library: Think Tank Classes and I’ve added one for Band

    Group A:  hqtb5u

    Group B:  74q5m4b

    Group C:  35x52nd

    Group D:  kjeyr7z

    Group E:  lk4gkbd


    Life Skills Academy for Dunn, Smith, and Woo:  majyyaa

    7th Grade ELA

    2nd period:   nur7khg

    3rd period:   xepgnsl

    4th period:   27gnctt


    8th Grade Science

    2nd Period: 7k5kmce
    3rd Period: j3m3npw
    4th Period: vqsmftb
    5th Period: kjaxxtx