• HISTORY FOR THE RAYMOND COLORED SCHOOL DISTRICT currently known as Carver Middle School and Raymond Freshman Academy
         The history of the Colored School of Raymond began with the kindness of one man, Julius Rosenwald. The Julius Rosenwald Fund built 500 Negro schools from 1917 through 1948. 
         The first school was the Cornbarn-Cornsilk School, location unknown, in or near Raymond, MS. The principal and trustees were also unknown.
         The second school, Raymond Colored School, was located on Dry Grove Rd.  The trustees were unknown and the principal was Mrs. Carmen Nelson.
         The third Raymond Colored School remained on Dry Grove Rd., where Mrs. Carmen Nelson remained Principal. The trustees of 1937-1938 were: Mr. Benjamin E. Henderson, Mr. Robert Kent, Mr. Bill Peace, Mrs. Carmen Nelson, and Rev. A.M. Peterson
     Rev. Peterson would serve as the principal from 1945-1952, when he retired. 
         In September 1952, Mr. Roosevelt Catchings was hired as principal of the Raymond Colored Elementary School. Principal Catchings encountered very poor conditions throughout the Dry Grove Rd. location. The location had deplorable conditions such as broken windows, little to no heating, and outdoor restrooms. Because the school grounds were unsafe for students, Principal Catchings immediately requested a meeting with Hinds County Superintendent of Schools to discuss a resolution to the problems. The Superintendent gave Catchings the authority to set the boundaries of a five to six mile radius for a new school to be constructed and built. Once approved by a four member committee of trustees which included, Deacon James W. Nichols, WWI Veteran Paul Williams, WWI Veteran Frank L. McGowan, and WWI Veteran Frank Robinson. 
         The new school was successfully completed and opened in September of 1958, and the school's name was officially changed to Carver Junior High School.
    This history provided by the Raymond Colored School Alumni Association:
    Dr. Walter L. Nichols, President
    Laura Inez Richardson, Vice President
    Louise Fain, Acting Secretary
    Robert White, Treasurer
    Ethel W. Singleton, Past President
    Catherine Walker, Secretary 12-14
    Effie Mae Hubbard
    Frank White
    Archie Singleton
    Thelma Murphy
    Annie P. Hubbard
    Althanette Cole
    Arlillian Turner
    Louvenia Hunter
    John W. Davis​