• Classroom Expectations:

    1.  Be PREPARED for class! (pencils, paper, books, homework)

    2.  Follow classroom rules and be understanding towards people.

    3.  Practice academic honesty and maximize the use of class time.

    4.  Actively participate in planned activities.

    5.  Offer to help others and encourage your peers.

    Hallway Expectations:

    1.  Refrain from disturbing classes that are in session. (opening doors, knocking, yelling, etc.)

    2.  Walk on the third block of the hallway in a quiet, safe, and orderly manner.

    3.  Go directly to your destination.

    4.  Arms folded at all times.

    5.  ALL students must have a hall pass.


    Restroom Expectations:

    1.   Be QUIET, QUICK, and CLEAN. Maintain appropriate voice level.

    2.   Keep the restrooms clean and sanitary.

    3.   Allow privacy of others. Show courtesy and respect at all times.

    4.   Wash and dry hands using paper towels.

    5.   Place trash in the restroom and return to the line or class promptly.


    Cafeteria Expectations:

    1.   Enter the cafeteria quietly and wait to enter the food service area until it is your turn.

    2.   Be polite and respectful towards the cafeteria staff.

    3.   Use inside voices at all time. (6-inch)

    4.   Use appropriate table manners (stay seated, raise your hand for assistance, eat only your food, etc.)

    5.   Before exiting, clean up your area (spills, trash, etc.)

    Bus Expectations:

    1.   Form a line when loading the bus.

    2.   Walk to and from the bus quietly.

    3.   Talk quietly to your seat partner.

    4.   Respect the bus driver and follow all directions.

    5.   Remain seated at all times while the bus is in motion.

     Playground Expectations:

    1.   Play by the rules of the game. BE A GOOD SPORT!

    2.   Be kind with words and actions. GOOD TRY, GOOD BUDDY!

    3.   Share/return equipment and clean up.

    4.   Treat playground equipment and recess materials with care.

    5.   Give each other “HIGH FIVE”

    Activity Expectations:

    1.   Enter quietly and in an orderly manner.

    2.   Treat resources with care. (books, computers, etc.)

    3.   Use supplies, books, and materials kindly.

    4.   Use time wisely and remain on task.

    5.   Become proficient!