Below you will find newsletters with exciting news of events that are happening this year in the Hinds County School District. Within every edition you’ll find a section entitled “Staff Spotlight,” a focus on a HCSD employee who is really making a difference with the students in our district.


    Other sections will typically include information on parent resources and community collaborations with our school. We are so grateful to have active community partners within our district, and we want to share that good news!


    On the last page of every edition, readers will find HCSD’s mission, vision, and goals. It’s important for all stakeholders (educators, parents, and community members) to review these often and keep in mind the district’s primary purpose.  Also on the last page, you’ll find a section entitled “From the Superintendent’s Desk,” where I usually address district or community issues and/or celebrations. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about all the great things happening in Hinds County School District!


    Kind regards,

    Delesicia Martin