Reading Rewards

What is Reading Rewards?

  •                                               Traditional Reading Logs Can Turn Reading Into a Chore

    For years, schools had to rely on paper reading logs to track their students’ reading. Their goal was laudable: to get their students to read more.

    The problem? Kids don’t like traditional reading logs. That’s why paper reading logs can backfire.

    The other issue? Teachers don’t love them, either. It takes too much time and effort for teachers to review paper logs in order to extract the insights buried deep within those pages!

    Today, there’s a better way.

                                                  Logging Reading with Reading Rewards

    Reading Rewards makes it quick & easy for kids to log their independent reading. Plus, it gamifies logging to make it fun!

    As they log reading, children can:

    • Move up levels
    • Earn rewards defined by their parents and teachers
    • Win badges for reaching reading milestones
    • Earn printable certificates for finishing a book
    • Be celebrated for their achievements in the virtual school lobby
    • Compete in a class or schoolwide challenge

    Reading Rewards also helps children discover great books by visiting their friends’ virtual libraries, and stimulates discussions around reading on the class blog.

                                                 Built-in Reading Incentives

    Adults know that reading is its own reward. But sometimes, children do need a little extra motivation to get started with reading, until they develop an interest in doing it for its own sake.

    Reading Rewards features built-in reading incentives to get kids excited about reading. As children and teens log their reading, they:

    • Accumulate RR Miles based—among other things—on the minutes they log, the books they complete, and the reviews they write.

    • Move up levels, using either numbered levels or animal levels.

    • Earn printable reading certificates every time they finish a book.

    • Trade in their RR Miles for a joke or riddle of the day.