• What is Accelerated Reader?

    Accelerated Reader (AR) is a reading incentive program that provides students with reading practice in comprehension each time a book is completed. Students read a book and then take a quiz based on that book. It is somewhat like an "electronic book report", without the student being required to write pages and pages of information and never quite getting to the point. This program is an enrichment tool that gives the students, teachers, and parents additional incentives to help motivate students to read.

    The program allows students to work at "their" instructional reading level. Then, as their understanding improves, their level will move up until the child is reading at or above grade level. Children love AR because they take their quizzes on a computer and they get their results immediately. Most of all, they enjoy being successful.

    Your child will choose a book that is within his/her personal ZPD range (Zone of Proximal Development-explained below) and read the book at his/her own pace. After the child completes reading a book, he/she takes a quiz based on the book. Students earn AR points based on the book he/she chose to read. AR points are then accumulated, and after a certain number of points is reached, your child will receive a reward. See below for details.

    Teachers may meet with students during the month to review reading goals (number of points that must be earned in a given period of time). The teacher may then issue a progress grade based on the percentage of the goal reached and the average score earned on the completed tests. This may depend on the particular class/teacher your child is in.

    The Accelerated Reader Program also provides teachers with a creative means of motivating every student, even the reluctant reader, to read, therefore increasing the child's fluency, and improving their comprehension while developing students who truly love to read.


    What will Accelerated Reader do for my child?

    The AR program allows students to read at their own ability level, which in turn helps to build reading proficiency.

    Your child will learn the "love of reading". He or she will learn how to be a successful reader and therefore want to read rather than be forced to read. It will help improve classroom grades and test scores while it creates a love of reading within a student, and within time, develop life-long learners.


    What is a ZPD range?

    ZPD stands for "Zone of Proximal Development". The "Zone of Proximal Development" is a practical, common sense guide for insuring student reading success. Setting reading goals within a child's ZPD reading range provides challenge and support as the child progresses toward greater competence. The ZPD is determined by a child's score on the STAR reading diagnostic test. This test determines the child's ZPD range and the instructional reading level of the student.

    If a child reads books within his/her personal ZPD range, they can be assured of success, and feel self-confident that they will succeed.


    What can I do as a parent to help my child succeed in the Accelerated Reader Program?

    The more a child reads, the greater his/her ability to learn in all academic areas. The more self-assured he/she becomes, the greater his/her self-confidence and self-worth.

    TWI is an important part of the Accelerated Reader Program. TWI stands for "reading to", reading with, and "reading independently". Remember...."to", "with", and "independently", those are the ways a child can read. A child can be read "to" by a parent, grandparent, or sibling. They can read "with" a family member or a friend, or they can read "independently". The whole family will benefit!

    Please get on the Accelerated Reader bandwagon..... With a little help, your child will make giant strives in reading!

    For more information on the Accelerated Reader Program, please contact your child's teacher.