• Terry High School

    World History 2019-20

    Number of Credits: 1

    Mrs. Dickson


    Course Description 

    Students will trace the history of the world from the Enlightenment to Present-day. We will cover politics, human rights, technology, and wars that shaped the world we live in today. 


    • Reading skills
    • Writing skills
    • Critical thinking
    • Historical connections for today
    • Political connections for today
    • Economic connections for today


    Lifelong Learning Standards 

    • Knowledgeable person 
    • Complex thinker 
    • Effective communicator 
    • Self-directed learner 
    • Quality producer 

    Course Outline

    Unit 1: Enlightenment & the Early Revolutions

    Unit 2: Industrialism & Imperialism

    Unit 3: World War I

    Unit 4: Rise of the Dictators & World War II

    Unit 5: The Cold War & Civil Rights

    Unit 6: The Modern Era

    Grading Scale 

    A = 90%-100%

    B = 80%-89% 

    C = 70%-79%

    D = 65%-69%

    F = 0-64% 

    Grading Breakdown

    4 Unit Tests 50%

    8 Daily Grades 25%

    9 Weeks Exam 25%

    Total 100%



    • No eating or drinking in the classroom
    • No cell phones in the classroom or hallway. Headphones are permitted in the classroom with consent from the teacher and are only to be plugged into a Macbook.
    • Tardy = not being in your seat when the bell rings
    • Use your inside voice in the classroom and hallway. 
    • No PDA in the classroom or hallway
    • You will be issued ONE hall pass that is required to leave the classroom. The pass only allows for leaving the classroom 5 times per 9weeks. Each time you leave the classroom, a teacher will hole punch your pass. Once you use the pass 5 times, there will be absolutely no leaving the classroom. 

    For remind, text @2khbd8 to 81010

    If you follow the steps correctly, you’ll receive a text asking whether you’re a Student or Parent. Reply with the appropriate response. You’ll then be prompted to download the free remind101 app. DO IT and receive my welcome message! 

    *Remind will be used for class reminders including upcoming assignments and tests. Parents and students encouraged to join!