• We are looking for a great year this year. In order to do that, I want to inform you on the expectations, consequences, and rewards of my classroom.


    1. Be prepared to learn everyday!

    2. Follow directions the first time given. 

    3. Respect others and yourself! Follow the Golden Rule!

    4. Raise your hand to be recognized. Only speak after the teacher has given you permission.

    5. Keep your area clean!

    *There are additional expectations that need to be followed in regardings to following specifics procedures in the hallways, cafeteria, library, activity, playground, etc. 

    After the expectations have been enforced, the consequences of undesirable behavior will be put in to play immediately.



    1st Offense: Verbal warning

    2nd Offense: Student-teacher conference

    3rd Offense: Silent Lunch/ 10 minutes or loss of recess

    4th Offense: Parent Contact

    5th Offense: Parent-Teacher Conference

    Final Offense: Office Referral


    "For every action, there is a reaction."



    1. 3 PBIS points for attendance daily

    2. Extra talk time for lunch 

    3. Extra time for recess

    4. Classroom Games

    5. Play card game with the teacher during designated down time.

    6. Sit or lay on classroom mat

    7. Have a snack in class



    I highly encourage students to do their very best to reach these rewards. I would love your support in helping them reach these goals! 

    Note: Teachers utilize a behavior chart to keep a record of undesirable behaviors as well as reward for good behavior. A behavior grade will go home every Friday. We would like each student to go home every Friday with a 85% or higher! :)  

    Thank you so much parents!