• In JROTC, we have activities known as "Teams"! There are currently four teams. They are as follows



    Drill Team


    Led by C/CPT Brooks,Skylah the Drill Team is a team all about Drill and Ceremony. We march in military formation under their guidelines and compete for a chance to place. In the Drill Team, we have many different divisions. They are as follows:


    - Armed Platoon 

    - Armed Squad

    - Armed Exhibition

    - Unarmed Platoon

    - Unarmed Squad

    - Unarmed Exhibition

    - Armed Inspection

    - Unarmed Inspection

    - Color Guard


    The Drill Team is considered to be one of the most prestigious teams in the JROTC. We hold it with high respect and honor, as it means very much to many people. Check out our Events page to see where and when we are having Drill meets.



    PT Team


    Led by C/MSG Balwin, Nathan the PT Team is all about physical endurance. This team is more about being active and strong, rather than following a strict routine. Some of the events that the Cadets participate in are as follows:


    - 10x100 Relay 

    - 1 Mile Run

    - Shuttle Run

    - Ammo Carry

    - Litter Carry

    - Pull Ups/Flex Arm Hang

    - Sit Ups

    - Curl Ups


    The PT Team is a driving force within our Battalion, showing all of us that we can strive to do our best, no matter what may lie before us.


    Raiders Team


    Led by C/CPT ;  the Raiders Team is the elite of the PT Team, pushing the strongest to their absolute limit. The Raiders Team will do enduring physical challenges. These are some of them:


    - Obstacle Course

    - Pull Ups

    - Tire Roll/Carry

    - Curl Ups

    - Body Carry (Litter)


    We hold ourselves to the highest of standards, and by having the Raiders Team, we can demonstrate what we, as a school, are capable of.



    Cannon Team


    Led by C/CPT McCune,Kayla the Cannon Team is a group of Cadets who fire our Game Cannon when our school scores a touchdown. We are present and active during the Football season of each year. 



    With all of the teams within our Battalion, there is somewhere that you can fit in here! Whether it be doing the physically impossible or marching with pure pride, there is a spot for everyone in the Batallion.



Last Modified on October 19, 2022