SAT has three components, testing students in reading, writing, and math.  Most students take the SAT in their Junior or Senior year in high school with some taking it more than once (recommended to take more than once). Your SAT scores are one of the factors in determining college admissions. The other factor is grades.  Both scores and grades are the best predictors for determining college success. Fee waivers are available to students who are on Free or Reduced Lunch.  

    ACT is an achievement test measuring what you have learned in school. The ACT has up to five components including reading, math, science, English, and an optional writing section.  The writing section is only taken if required or recommended by the college or university to which you are applying. Fee waivers are available to juniors and seniors who are on Free or Reduced Lunch.  

    ACCUPLACER is a battery of tests that determines your knowledge and skills in math, reading, and writing.  This exam is used to determine your placement in college level courses at that particular college.  Any eligible students interested in taking dual credit or dual enrollment must take the Accuplacer exam if they do not have an ACT score.