• All of the underlined headings are the links to a magical world of free teacher tools. 

    Tech Boot Camp

    This link will take you to booklet full of wonderful teacher tools, links, instructions on how to use them, examples of how you can use them and more.

    Flip Grid

    The students can be assessed on their learning by recording their responses in up to 90 second videos. The teacher poses a questions or a topic and the students weigh in on it. It is an awesome tool for alternative assessment when you are bored with the multiple choice or short answer questions. 

    Boom Writer

    Have your students collaborate on their writing assignments. This program includes lesson plans, project ideas, etc. for all subject areas where the students can write a creative story as a group or class or write an essay for the teacher. It includes all instructions on how to set up your students and the collaboration.

    LA Believes ELA Guidebooks

    Louisiana created units, lesson plans, worksheets, etc. all for every level of ELA learning. It is all here for anyone to access and download for free.

    screencastify  Screencasting 

    This is a free google chrome application that allows you to record your lesson. Record your lectures first block, post them to Google or Youtube, and use them the rest of the day! Use the videos with your Exceptional Ed kids or with centers with your regular kids...all with their devices! You could even use them with make-up work.


    ...or you can use this website for free to record your lessons.


    Free 3d software for creating 3d models.


    Presentation software that allows the teacher to upload already existing content into a new presentation where the students can also interactic. Even quizzes can be created that the students can post answers from their phones.


    This website has tons of free English and Math lesson plans for any age. It is common core alighned and very detailed including worksheets with keys, tests, essay topics with possible answers, discussion topics, pacing guides, etc.

    Learn NC

    This is an archived page created by the University of North Carolina. It was last updated in 2013, but it does contain lesson plans for all ages and all subjects.

    NASA Education

    NASA Education is all things science. It has a plethora of info, lesson plans, links for other resources, apps, etc.

    Common Lit

    This one is for those of you who need an activity for your sub, for extra credit, or if you want them to read about a current or historical event and answer thought provoking questions. It contains reading passages on tons of subjects. It's free to sign up, and it provides keys and answer explanations to all questions.


    Teacher Resources Google File

     Class sets of Novels held in the THS Library

    Of Mice and Men

    To Kill a Mockingbird

    Into the Wild

    The Pearl

    Lord of the Flies

    The Secret Life of Bees

    All Quiet on the Western Front

    The Arrival

    The Great Gatsby

    The Crucible 

    Heroes and Monsters of Greek Myth

    The Color Purple

    Native Son

    The Battle of Jericho

    Life of Pi

    Their Eyes Were Watching God


    Cold Sassy Tree (7 copies)

    Bless Me, Ultima


Last Modified on September 27, 2021