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                                               Teacher Information:                                      Course Information

                                              Name:Coach Roberts                                        Credit(s):1

                                             Phone:601-857-8016                                        Semester (s):1

                                             Conference Time:3:15-3:40                               



     Class Motto


    ****If you are a Chameleon, you are blending in. Success is not blending in but standing out! ****



    Live by the 5 R’s:Respect, Report, Refrain, Respond, and Reject


    • Respect yourself and the teacher by adhering to all directions given the first time.
    • Report to class prepared to learn with essential supplies.
    • Refrain from eating, drinking, and grooming during class.
    • Respond with school appropriate language and ideas.
    • Reject the urge to be off task (sleeping, slouching, playing, cell phone usage,  or excessive talking will not be tolerated).


    I expect your best, consequences WILL follow repeated disruptive/disrespectful behavior, WE are on a college and career readypath to success


    Course Summary:

    Students enrolled in this course will be on the Mississippi College and Career readiness standards for science.  This course will develop and expand student’s knowledge in the areas of physics and chemistry through lab, stem, mathematical and conceptual activities. Student’s will experience challenging assignments that will enhance their educational ability and prepare them for there next transition into other science courses.  


    Course Competencies/ Learning Objectives:

    Students who successfully complete Physical Science will be experienced in the following areas:

    • Students will be able to:
      • Demonstrate an understanding of the nature of matter
      • Demonstrate and understanding of both modern and historical theories of atomic matter
      • Analyze the organization of the periodic table of elements to predict atomic interactions
      • Analyze changes in matter and the relationship of these changes to the law of conservation of matter and energy
      • Analyze the scientific principles of motion, force, and work
      • Explore the characteristics of waves
      • Examine different forms of energy and energy transformations
      • Demonstrate an understanding of temperature, scales, heat, and thermal energy transfer
      • Explore basic principles of magnetism and electricity (e.g., static & current electricity, and circuits)



    Class Requirements:

     BE studious. Students will be required to give 100% effort when entering the class. Complete all assignments given and ask for assisted when necessary. Keep a positive attitude and follow the 5 r’s. Keep your area clean. All submitted assignments must be written in pencil.



    BE on time and at school every day. Classroom door will be closed after the last bell sounds. No one will be admitted without proper pass (multiple tardiness will lead to an infraction).All late or missing assignments will receive an infraction, unless you have proper documentation for not submitting on time.


    Cheating and Plagiarism: (DON’T DO IT)

    Cheating is defined as unauthorized help or copying of an assignment given by the instructor. Plagiarism is copying anything written or oral without crediting the source. Ask if you need assistant this will cause an infraction to your grade.


             Class Materials:      Spiral Notebook, binder, pencil, highlighter, index cards, sticky notes, glue sticks 


    Class Work/ Bell ringers/Quizzes /Homework/ Interactive notebooks/Labs/ Projects ( individual/ group) / Labs


    Assessment formal or informal/ Projects ( individual/ group) / Labs


    Semester/Nine Weeks Exam




             Grading Scale:   100-90 =A;       89-80= B;      79-70=C;         69-65= D;        64-0= F

                          GPA:      4.0 & UP           3.9-3.0          2.9-2.0             1.9-1.0        0.9 & BELOW