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    Welcome to Hinds County School District Athletics!

    Our philosophy about athletics is clear-cut and defined. It is one based upon the development of the student-athlete as a whole person. One who can be successful on and off the field or court during their formative school years. Everything that has anything to do with Hinds County Athletics must point in one direction: Give the student-athlete everything they need to succeed in the classroom and on the field or court.

    Note: The Hinds County School District will no longer have a district-wide Athletic Director. Beginning July 1, 2020, these duties reverted back to the school building and was assigned to an administrator (see list below).


    HCSD Building Athletic Director 2022-2023 School Year:


    Bolton Edwards Middle School
    George Jones
    Phone: 601-866-2163
    Email: gjones@hinds.k12.ms.us

    Byram Middle School
    Rodney Phillips
    Phone: 601-372-4597
    Email: rphillips@hinds.k12.ms.us

    Carver Middle School
    Charles Willis
    Phone: 601-857-5006
    Email: cwillis@hinds.k12.ms.us

    Raymond High School
    Charles Willis
    Phone: 601-957-8016
    Email: cwillis@hinds.k12.ms.us

    Terry High School

    Brian Weeks
    Phone: 601-878-5905
    Email: bweeks@hinds.k12.ms.us

    Utica Middle School
    Jimmy Tullos
    Phone: 601-885-2058
    Email: jtullos@hinds.k12.ms.us

Last Modified on October 6, 2022