• Canvas for Parents

    Welcome to Canvas, a Learning Management System

    In our continuing efforts to partner with parents for the academic success of students, the district is providing parents with the ability to access Canvas.  Canvas is the Learning Management System being used at the middle school and high school.
    Click here to log in to Canvas:

    Canvas Use

    Starting this year, Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) for all schools at Scott County School District 2. Canvas is a portal for content as well as an online system to support the flow of classwork.
    Parents are encouraged to create a Canvas Parent Account. With a parent account, you are able to observe your child's account activity, including class content, assignments, and calendar. As an observer, you can log into Canvas from any computer or mobile device.

    Why do parents need access? Can't we just log in as our child? There are three reasons why should create your own portal.

    1. Canvas accounts will not support two simultaneous users. If you log in to check during the day, you may knock your student out of Canvas.

    2. A parent observer account gets you access to all of your own student's assignments, calendar, completed work, and discussion posts. A parent that uses a student account will have access to the discussion posts of other students. Access to the schoolwork of other kids is a violation of FERPA.

    3. A parent with multiple kids at HCSD can easily toggle between students with ONE parent account. This is a bonus.

    Middle and high school parents can use the link above to log into Canvas. The District hopes that this resource will provide you with specific information about your student’s curricula, so you have a better understanding of the work that teachers and students are doing.  We hope you use this information to communicate to students that the skills and content identified in these courses are important to master.  In addition, we hope this information provides parents with an opportunity to ask students to share ideas and opinions about what is being learned.


    Features in Canvas

    When you access Canvas, you will be able to see for each of your students:
    • syllabus
    • assignments
    • feedback on assignments (if appropriate)
    • grades on individual assignments

    Home Access will continue to be the official record for student grades. Parents should continue to use Home Access to monitor their student’s progress in each of the courses.

Last Modified on December 8, 2016