• SchoolWay

    Hinds County School District offers SchoolWay – a FREE mobile app that facilitates effective communication between our district schools and parents, students and the greater community. It’s an advanced, app-based PUSH alert system that allows parents and students to sign up for district and school-specific messages and alerts. If you use a basic cellphone without app capability, you can still use this system to receive text alerts along with email alerts (See Web App instructions below).

    SchoolWay is sponsored by Jostens. It is free to use and to administer, so no funds are spent by HCSD to provide this service.


    Easy Installation and Registration

    Download and install the FREE SchoolWay App for your smart phone:

    (iPhone/iPad) Apple App Store 
    Or go to the App Store and search for “SchoolWay” 
    (Android) Google Play
    Or go to the Google Play Store and search for “SchoolWay” 
    After installing the app, please take a second to register. Registration will allow the app to keep your school selection preferences in case of an app uninstall, app upgrade or an operating system upgrade. Log in and toggle “Save Login information” to the ON position. This will also allow you to use the same SchoolWay account from numerous devices such as a phone, tablet and computer.

    Easy Customization

    The first time you log into the SchoolWay app you will be taken through the setup wizard. Follow the instructions to add Hinds County School District, add individual schools, and add channel (teacher/coach/club) pages. 
    • To add additional schools or channels later on, tap on Subscriptions.
    • Tap on Add next to Your Schools or Your Channels.
    • Search for your school or channels and tap on the check mark next to the schools/channels you want to subscribe to.
    • Tap on Done. 

    Many important messages and ALL emergency alerts (weather, etc.) will come from the district. If you only want to receive emergency notifications, tap on the gear icon next to Rankin County School District, and tap “Alerts Only”.

    How to Access Additional Resources

    You can access INow Gradebook, the district Calendar, Meal Menus and more from the District Info page. You can access this page two ways: 

    • Tap on any district/school message on your My Feed screen. This will take you to the District/School Info page where you will find familiar resources.
    • Tap on Subscriptions, then tap on the district name under Your Districts (or school name under Your Schools) to access the District/School Info page. 

    How to Add Email and Texting as Other Notification Methods

    You will automatically receive push messages on your phone, however if you would also like to receive SMS/text or email notifications, you can sign up to receive those as well. 

    • Tap on the Settings option and select Email & SMS
    • You can add up to five recipient cell phone numbers and five recipient email addresses. Please do not enter any cell numbers or email addresses other than your own without permission from that individual.

    Note that basic texting charges may apply depending on your cellular carrier and service plan.

    Other Resources


    Need More Help?

    If you need further assistance with the SchoolWay app please contact SchoolWay Customer Service.

    1130 Rambling Oaks Dr, #220
    Norman, OK 73072
    Phone: 1-866-515-6783
    Fax: 405-260-9635