Below is the link for the school catalog.  You can search to see what books are in the Library at RES.
      Parents if you need to research topics use magnolia.msstate.edu, This link is useful for research as well as many other things. Students will need a code or password to access it at home. Students should know the password.
    Parents and students hope you are ready to have a great new year! 
    Be on the lookout for more information on the MS Braves Bookworm Reading Program
     I am so excited to announce that our school (Pre-k -8th grade) is teaming up with the MS Braves in the Reading Bookworm Program.  Students will be challenged to read a certain number of books over a 6 week period.  If they meet this goal, they will be given a bookmark that can be traded for 2 free tickets to a MS Braves game this season. The season opens in April and continues through September. 
    Students in Pre-k-first grade can use  https://storylineonline.net for read aloud books. 
    Students in grades 2-5 have access to MYON to read books at home. This can be accessed through Clever Dashboard.
    Students in grades 6-8 have access to MACKINVIA to read books at home. This can be accessed through Clever Dashboard. 
    The second nine weeks begins October 12.  AR will begin this day as well. Grade 2 will check out 2 books and 3-5 will check out 3 books. Goals will go up because students will have a longer time period to get goals met.  Parents please read with your students and encourage them to meet these goals.
    If you have any question, please contact me thart@hinds.k12.ms.us