• Classroom Supplies


    Required Materials


    Class colors:1st Period = Blue     2nd Period = Green      4th  Period= Orange .            5th Period = Red/Pink    

    ·         Each class will have a specific color for the purpose of highlighting and the graded work folder. Be sure to obtain the correct folder according to your child’s English II class.


    o   Only Black ink pens or pencils used daily

    o   5  Dividers

    o   1’’ 3-ring binder

    o   1 _________ (class color; you keep)   highlighter 

    o   1 ________ (class color above; turn in) two pocket folder

    o   Jump drive



    Notebook Organization:

    * 1-inch binder with 5 dividers


    Divider/TAb 1 - Vocabulary

    Divider/Tab 2 - Reading

    Divider/Tab 3- Writing

    Divider/Tab 4- Grammar (All bellringer notes and proofreading mark page)

    Divider/Tab 5 - Homework ( Each day homework is assigned, students should have dates written and assignment on the log provided)