• The best way a student can prepare for the ACT is to take as many academically challenging classes as possible throughout high school and to do well in those classes.  However, many students choose to prepare for the ACT by reviewing online versions of the assessment, reading study books and/or attending workshops.  By engaging in these activities, students are able to familiarize themselves with the format of the ACT, practice pacing themselves on each section of the ACT, and review materials they may have learned several years ago.  These links are not necessarily recommended or endorsed by Terry High School and vary in their cost, duration and focus.  Look around to see if any of these sites are a good fit for you and good luck on the ACT!

    www.actstudent.org: This site is where you register to take the ACT--including testing dates, registration deadlines and information about the materials you will need to bring with you on the day of the test. There is a plethora of information covering everything from test security requirements to college & career planning information and financial aid.  Make sure to check out the Test Prep tab at the top of the page for the following information, or click one of the hyperlinks below!

    • ACT Online Prep: This is the only test preparation program designed by ACT test development professionals.  Access to the personal edition covers a single user for one year and costs about $25.  It includes practice tests with real ACT questions, one practice essay with real-time scoring (the Writing Test is optional), comprehensive content review for English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science tests, a diagnostic test and recommended study path. 
    • The Real ACT Prep Guide: This is the "official" ACT Prep Guide and the only one that includes five actual retired ACT tests (including the optional Writing Tests).  From the ACT website, the book costs $30.95 without the accompanying CD and $34.95 with the CD.  You can also look at the book and buy it on another site--just keep in mind that it may not be in pristine condition! 
    • ACT Question of the Day: This link takes you to a site that posts one new ACT Test practice question each day.  Once you select the best answer, a window pops up to tell you why your reasoning is correct and why the other choices were not the best answers. 
    • Other Resources: Preparing for the ACT (PDF), Sample Test Questions, Test Tips, and Test Descriptions are all available on this site.  Check out the main link and click on each area you are interested in reviewing! 

    Learning Express: This site is accessible through the Jackson Hinds Library System.  You must have a library card to enter as your username when creating an account.  Learning Express provides practice for ACT Preparation, four full-length ACT Practice subtests broken down by subjects (plus six prompts for the optional Writing Test), flashcards, word games and "power practice" to help you prepare. This is free for you to use, as long as you have a library card! 

    March 2 Success: This site starts with a pre-assessment test and customizes a learning path based on your individual needs.  You will have access to 25 decks of flashcards and seven full-length practice tests that are timed and scored as if they were the real tests.  The information on this site originates from Peterson's and College Operations Foundation and is a project of the United States Army.  You will also have access to information on the ASVAB (military entrance exam) and the SAT.  March 2 Success also includes the Zero Hour Threat I & II SAT/ACT preparation games that allow for test review through an interactive game involving crisis scenarios.  There is also a component that has math, English and science tutorials with interactive lessons, quizzes and practice tests if you are struggling in some of your classes at school.  Also, college admission, financial aid and scholarship information is available through this site. You must create an account to have access to these free resources. 

    www.Number2.com: This site provides personal tutoring, immediate feedback on every incorrect answer and data on your progress.  It is also adaptive to your skill level and introduces more difficult practice items after you've build up your confidence!  Number2.com also has a vocabulary building component and you can develop your own set of electronic flashcards.  You must create an account to gain access to these free resources.

    The following sites also include online practice tests.  Some have fees and require registration, so be sure to check before you sign up!

Last Modified on April 8, 2015