• 11th/12th Grade Psychology/Sociology

    Mrs. McComas

    Terry High School



    Welcome!  While in this class we will be covering a range of subjects that relate to psychology and sociology, whether it be the way social media affects our life or interpreting your dreams. You are sure to find something that will spark your imagination and your intellect.  As long as you come with a few simple materials, a good attitude, and a healthy respect for following directions the first time they’re given, you will do fine in my classroom.


    Course Description: We will study many aspects of psychology and sociology.  Students will be able to identify and explain the significance of these different facets of both.


    Code of Conduct:  In order to maintain a fun and functional classroom,  I hold high expectations for my students.  Below are the rules that students are expected to follow when in my classroom:


    1. The bell does not dismiss you- the teacher does.

    2. Come to class on time!  (We will have a daily bellringer so tardiness will only hurt you.)

    3. Bring ALL needed materials to class.

    4. Listen and follow directions the first time they are given.  I do not like repeating myself.

    5. Show respect at all times, whether you agree with someone or not.

    6. Raise your hand and wait for teacher acknowledgement before leaving your seat or speaking in class. 

    7. You should not have food, drink, or gum in my classroom at any time.


    Consequences for failing to meet my expectations are as follows:

    First offense: Verbal Warning

    Second offense: Before school detention

    Third offense: Student moved within classroom

    Fourth offense: Teacher conference with student

    Fifth offense: Parent contact

    Sixth offense: Parent-Teacher conference

    Seventh offense: Tier I Plan


    *Please be aware that certain offenses may supersede the consequences and result in an immediate referral to the I.S.D. room.


    Device PolicyAt no point should I see your device out in my classroom.  If I see your device, it will be taken up, sent to the office, and your parent or guardian will have to come and pay money to retrieve it from the office. 


    Bellringers: Everyday, as soon as you come in, there will be a bellringer question on the board. You should each have a folder that will be kept in my room.  When you come in you will retrieve your folder or it will be passed to you.  You should then write and answer the question.  Students will be responsible for missed bellringers due to tardiness or absence.  Many bellringer questions will be used again as quiz or test questions, so it is essential to have the questions and answers for each day.


    Extra Credit:  If a student is struggling in my class, it is his or her responsibility to approach me about extra credit opportunities.  At my discretion I may assign extra credit options for students that I believe deserve it.


    Note to Parents/Guardians: 

    Please feel free to contact me if you have ANY questions or concerns regarding your child’s progress, assignments, behavior, etc.  I can be contacted either by email (kkrichbaum@hinds.k12.ms.us) or you can call the school and leave a message, at which point I will return your call as soon as I am able.