STATEMENT: The Transportation Department partnered with Durham School Services works together to provide safe and reliable transportation for Hinds County students. Beginning August 2010 students will have the privilege of riding brand new, fully equipped school buses insuring quality transportation each school day.

    Please visit the Durham School Services web page for additional information and to access a bus safety video, safety tips, student activities and more.
    Assistant Superintendent of Student Services



    Bus Safety- Beginning August 2010 students in grades K-4 will receive additional bus safety training. Bus expectations and consequences will be thoroughly covered with students in grades 5-12. Documentation of this training will be kept on file at each school and with the Hinds County Schools Transportation Department.


    · Respect the driver and each other

    · Board quietly and be seated

    · Sit where the driver ask you to sit

    · Remain seated until your stop unless given permission

    · Speak quietly on the bus with permission

    · No eating or drinking on the bus

    · Objects of any type may not be thrown on or out of the bus

    · Keep aisles clear

    · Physical contact is prohibited including public displays of affection

    · No electronic devices

    · Vandalism of any type is not allowed

    Bus Discipline

    · Written warning

    · 1 day bus suspension

    · 3 day bus suspension

    · 5 day bus suspension

    · 10 day bus suspension

    · 30 day suspension

    · Bus expulsion for the rest of the year

    Students vandalizing the buses in any way will be held responsible for damages and possibly face additional disciplinary action.

    Emergencies- Parents or Guardians must contact Hinds County Transportation in as far in advance as possible in order to request temporary permission for students to ride an alternate bus. This additional service will be provided in cases of emergency only.

Last Modified on July 28, 2021