• Option 1.  If your computer has Office / Outlook 2003 installed on it, click on the following link: \\codcfs4\outlook\outlooksetup.PRF. Once you click this hyperlink, your computer will open a new "File Download - Security Warning" message box.  Simply click 'Open' and it will configure your computer to send and receive email using the Outlook desktop application.  You only need to perform this action ONCE on the computer in your classroom or office.  If you need to access your email from another district or home computer, you should use Outlook Web Access which you can access from the "Staff Links" drop down menu. That option only requires an internet connection.
    Option 2.  If your computer has Office / Outlook 2000, the Technology Department will have to update your computer. Submit a work order using TATrack. To access TATrack [click here].
Last Modified on July 8, 2014