• Family and Community Seminars

    Hinds County School District

    Office of Community Relations

    The HCSD recognizes that family and community involvement has a direct positive effect on children’s attendance, achievement and success. To increase meaningful family and community involvement the Office of Community Relations provides seminars on the following:


    ·        How to Be Involved in Your Child’s Education

    ·        Homework – Lessons for Parents

    ·        Effective ways for Good Communication with Your Child’s School

    ·        Get Involved! Keeping tabs on Your Child’s Education

    ·        When Your Child Starts School

    ·        Financial Aid for College

    ·        Understanding Test Scores

    ·        HCSD Dropout Prevention Plan Overview

    ·        Bullying

    ·        Cyberbullying

    ·        STI-Parent Portal-How to Monitor Your Child’s Grades, Attendance, & Discipline

    ·        The Seven Secrets of Effective Fathers

    ·        Elderly Fraud Prevention- Senior Scams

    ·        You’re Hired – How to Get a Job

    ·        Hazing vs. Traditions

    ·        Expectations of Coaches, Parents, Fans and Administrators

    ·        Inappropriate Communication Through the Internet, Cyber Bullying, Cyber Stalking, Text Messaging and Facebook


    These seminars can be presented at your local School PTO Meetings, Pre-School Center, Community Center, Town Hall Meetings, City Municipal Meetings, Churches and/or local conferences. For more information on our presentations or to set up a seminar contact John Neal today by phone at 601-857-7008 or by email at jneal@hinds.k12.ms.us .



Last Modified on June 27, 2013