• Flyer Approval Process

    Non-profit community groups may partner with the Hinds County School District to distribute information about non-school sponsored activities to families.  This includes copies of flyers available in a school’s office, a community events bulletin board (in some schools), and a monthly District-wide school newsletter insert.  The Community Relations Office must approve all flyers and/or posters before they are distributed to schools.  For approval, community groups may mail a copy of the flyer to the Community Relations Office, Hinds County School District, 13192 Hwy 18 Raymond, MS 39154 or deliver a copy in person to the Central Office, or fax a copy to 601-857-8548.

    Non-Profit Status-
    The status of all non-profit community groups will be verified with the Washington State Secretary of State, please visit: 
    http://www.secstate.ms.gov/corps/ for more information.

    Notices/flyers may be submitted for consideration for distribution in schools by community-based, non-profit organizations.
    Flyers will not be sent home with students.  If a flyer/poster is approved, copies (up to 25) must be sent or brought to the Community Relations Office bundled and labeled with the school’s name. The Community Relations Office will send the flyers/posters to schools and will e-mail the office managers and principals that the material has been approved.   The material may then be made available in a central location designated by the principal.  It is up to the outside group to provide all copies of the material.  The Hinds County School District will not make copies of community flyers.  Flyers are preferred rather than large posters, 81/2"x11".
    All flyers must contain the following:
    This activity is NOT sponsored by the Hinds County School District which assumes no responsibility for the content of this communication or the conduct or safety of the activity advertised.  In consideration of the distribution of these materials, the Hinds County School District shall be held harmless by ______(enter the name of the agency here)____from any cause of action, claim or petition filed in any court or administrative tribunal arising out of the distribution of these materials, including all costs, attorney’s fees, and judgments or awards.


Last Modified on July 8, 2014