Verification of Employment

    • Are you a new employee who needs a Verification of Employment form to send to another district? Click below. 
      • HCSD Verification of Experience form
      • You will need to send this form to the Human Resources Department for each school district in which you previously worked. 
      • They are to return the completed form to Ms. Foster or Mrs. Mullen. 
      • You must have all of your VOE forms in before you can get credit for those years. It is the employee's responsibility to make sure we have recieved all of the VOEs from previous districts. 
    • Are you a current or former employee who needs years with the HCSD verified? Click below.
      • Please send your VOE form to Ms. Bailey at monbailey@hinds.k12.ms.us
      • She will return the form to you or the requesting district. 


Last Modified on March 22, 2023