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    16th Section Public School Trust Land
    The Hinds County School District controls and manages approximately 11,600 acres of Sixteenth Section Public School Trust Lands.  
    If you are interested in more information on Sixteenth Section Land, please review the information below or click on one of the links below.  If have any questions, please email Earl Burke or Christie Jones or call at 601.857.7068.
    The Hinds County School District Board of Education receives sealed bids on Sixteenth Section Public School Trust Land on the appointed dates at the following address:
    Hinds County School District
    Attn: 16th Section Public Trust Land Department
    Administrative Office Building
    13192 Highway 18
    Raymond, Mississippi 39154
     To view the notice to bidders click the classification below: 

    The leasing of Sixteenth Section Lands is based on a system of land classification.  The classifications are:

    • Agriculture
    • Catfish-Farming
    • Commercial
    • Farm-Residential
    • Forestry (hunting/fishing)
    • Industrial
    • Recreational
    • Residential.
    Leasing Sixteenth Section Land for Catfish-Farming, Commercial, Farm-Residential, Industrial, Recreational, and Residential
    • Leases for all Sixteenth Section Lands classifications, except for agricultural leases, hunting and fishing leases on Forest Land, and oil, gas and mineral leases, are let by application and upon approval of our Board of Education. 
    • Annual rent for leases is set at the fair market rental value of the land as determined by appraisal, excluding buildings and improvements not owned by the school district.
    • The maximum lease term for all land classifications leased upon application is 40 years. 
    • Rents must be adjusted at least once every ten years during the lease term to reflect the current fair market rental value of the land, exclusive of improvements not owned by the school district.
    Leasing Sixteenth Section Land for Hunting and Fishing, Agricultural, Mineral Leases
    • Hunting and fishing leases, agricultural leases, and mineral leases are available by a competitive bidding process.
    • Only Forest Land may be leased for hunting and fishing.  Leases of the hunting and fishing rights on Forest Land are awarded to the highest bidder after publication of an advertisement. 
    • If the most recent leaseholder of the hunting and fishing rights has participated in the bidding, then that lessee has, by law, the right to renew his lease by matching the highest acceptable bid received.  If no acceptable bid is received, then the HCSD Board of Education may reject all bids and either re-advertise, or within 90 days, lease by private contract for an annual rental greater than the highest bid rejected. 
    • The maximum term for a lease of hunting and fishing rights on Forest Land in Hinds County School District is three to five years.
    • The maximum term for agricultural leases is ten years for rice and pasture leases and five years for all other agricultural purposes.  All agricultural leases must be made to expire on December 31st of the final year of the lease term.
    Leasing Sixteenth Section Land for Mineral Rights Exploration
    • All Sixteenth Section Lands, regardless of classification, may be leased for the exploration, development, mining and production of oil, gas and minerals including:
      • carbon dioxide and other gaseous substances;
      • metals, compounds of metals, metal-bearing ores;
      • coal, lignite, and their constituent components and products and minerals intermingled or associated therewith;
      • and sulphur, salt, sand, gravel, fill dirt, and clay.
    Taxes on Leased Sixteenth Section Land
    • All Sixteenth Section Lands, once they are leased are subject to assessment and payment of ad valorem taxes.  The lessee is liable for the payment of the taxes, and the lease may be cancelled for failure to pay taxes.
    Additional Sixteenth Section Lands Information Via Secretary Of State's Office:

Last Modified on August 9, 2010