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    Property Accounting and Control
    Hinds County Schools District (HCSD) has a significant investment in property and equipment used to carry out its instruction, maintenance, and public service functions. HCSD grounds spans mulitple sites and includes over 20 major buildings and several other facilities. 
    School Board Policy
    The Board of Trustees of the Hinds County School District maintains a fixed asset record and inventory control system for all capital assets located within the district and other areas under the jurisdiction and operation of the board in compliance with the Criteria for Establishing Fixed Asset Accountability Plans for Mississippi Public School Districts, issued by the Office of the State Auditor.
    The goals of the fixed asset policies and procedures are to assist in the audit process and to assign responsibility for the security of these assets within the district.
    CROSS REF.: Policy ABB—Board Powers and Duties
    Policy DQ—Fixed Asset Accountability Plan
    Guidelines and Procedures

    Property Control Policy and Procedures Manual



Last Modified on May 20, 2012