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    Employee Self Service User's Guide

    All employees hired after July 1, 2003 must enroll in direct deposit as the sole means for being paid by Hinds County School District.  We encourage all employees employed prior to July 1, 2003 to consider enrolling in direct deposit. 
    Sign-up forms are available by clicking here.  Direct Deposit Form
    If you choose to enroll, please print the direct deposit form, complete the form and attach a void check.   The completed form and void check should be forwarded via pony to Beverly Hay at Central Office: Payroll.
    You will need to make sure your bank has direct deposit capabilities.  If you have any questions concerning your bank number or account number, contact your bank for assistance. 
    Direct deposit forms must be turned into the payroll department NO LATER than the 1st of the month you are to start direct deposit.
    Direct deposit into your bank account means 100% of your check goes to the bank.  You will be provided with a deposit advice statement each month.  We encourage you to view and print that information off of Employee Self Service. 
    NOTE:  If you change banks or account numbers you will need to send in a new direct deposit form with the new account numbers and attach a blank check marked "void" from the new account. Direct deposit will resume the payday following the change. 

    It will take seven (7) business days from the date of payday before the Payroll Department will issue a replacement check.

    A "Request for Replacement of Lost Check" form needs to be filled out by the employee and turned into payroll before the employee will receive the replacement check.



    Payroll schedules are sent out to all buildings before the beginning of each school year.  They are also available by clicking here.  

    Due by the 15th working day of each month
    Any and all changes that affect your pay or personal information.  Some examples are:

    • Direct Deposit - Sign-up sheets with a voided check, not a deposit slip, must be received in the hands of the payroll department.  This applies to start-ups, cancellations, account number or bank changes.
    • W-4's - Changes to your exemptions and taxes.
    • Extra-Curricular Monies - Stipends, Coaching pay, etc.
    • Address Changes
    • Name Changes
    • Social Security
    • New Hires
    • Terminations
    • Location Change
    • Annuities
    • Credit Union
    • Medical & Dental

    Any changes received after the 15th of the month will go into effect the following month.

    Timesheets are due and payable according to the payroll schedule.  If not in on time, your check will be delayed as law permits.

    TIMESHEETS                                                                                                            Time Sheet Form

    Timesheets are required for all hourly employees and need to be filled out correctly by the employee.  These need to be used for all types of time, including overtime, comp-time and all leaves taken. 
    Please follow your payroll schedules.  If payroll is due at the District Office on the 16th, then time should be recorded through the 15th.  It is important timesheets arrive on time or your check could be delayed as law permits.  Timesheets should NEVER have estimated time on them.  Your timesheet should be filled out daily. 
    Labor laws are very specific when reporting time.  The law states that if an employee works overtime, they must be paid in either time or money (their choice).
    If overtime is not authorized, please make sure the employee does not work it.  This is the principal or budget administrator's responsibility and must be documented and placed in the employee's file.  Lawsuits, penalties and back pay are costly and affect the entire District in many ways.
    Payroll will not accept early timesheets with time reported after the date received.  Any type of emergency could change your "estimated" time and this constitutes fraudulent reporting.  All timesheets/changes are the employee's responsibility.
Last Modified on August 30, 2018