• Hinds County Public School District Family And Student Guidelines:
    Appropriate Technology Use
    During Virtual/Remote Learning Activities
    Hinds County School District is dedicated to providing engaging and effective remote learning opportunities for our students.  As part of our remote learning opportunities, HCSD is offering many learning activities, classroom presentations and student meetings via a virtual platform. Prior to engaging in these virtual learning activities, presentations and student meetings, the District seeks to clarify guidelines for appropriate technology use during virtual/remote learning activities.  These are as follow:
    1. The District strictly prohibits screenshots, pictures, audio/video recording and distribution of any virtual educational experience in order to protect student privacy, proactively prevent potential cyberbullying, prevent the distribution of copyrighted materials and comply with Mississippi law. Please note that in Mississippi, it is illegal to record another person through any medium without his or her knowledge.
    2. Students, and where appropriate parents/guardians, agree to engage in virtual educational experiences in a quiet, private area to the extent practicable given the circumstances, in order to minimize background noise and distractions and to protect the integrity of student engagement as well as student confidentiality.
    3. Parents/guardians and other household members who normally are not privy to day-to-day classroom and group service discussions agree to respect and keep confidential any personal or private information (e.g. disability status) inadvertently discovered about other students due to proximity of virtual education.
    4. Upon receiving a device from the HCSD students, parents and teachers sign documents that detail their responsibility for loss, damage or stolen equipment.
    5. A fixed asset inventory is kept of the devices issued to students and teachers.  All devices remain the property of the HCSD.
    As a reminder, the District’s Acceptable Use Policy applies to virtual learning, including school-issued devices and networks. See: District's Acceptable Use Policy for Students


Last Modified on August 31, 2020