• Transportation

    What time will school begin and end each day?

    In order to coordinate safe transportation, both high schools will begin classes at 8:45 a.m. and dismiss at 1:50 p.m.  Be sure to watch for further details regarding car drop-off and pick-up instructions from your specific school.

    Student Schedule

    What will high school student schedules look like during the 2020-2021 school year?

          HYBRID MODEL FOR 9th – 12th GRADES ONLY  (***Schedule of choice for high school students***)   

    • Students attending in-person on alternating days in order to reduce class sizes
    • Electives delivered primarily through distance learning
    • Extracurricular activities will take place after school hours


    • Available for those students deemed as “medically fragile” with a physician’s order
    • Available upon parent request provided they are able to meet the provisions outlined by the HCSD
    • Strict adherence to the traditional schedule would be followed by students 5 days per week virtually
    • Students will “log into” their classrooms which would be broadcast via internet through Google Meet or Zoom. Attendance will be taken for each period, and students would be required to be fully present and engaged at all times.
    • Parents will transport virtual students to the school for proctored assessments two times each month.
    • Students who select this option must complete a 9-week session before choosing to change to the traditional in-person schedule.
    • Distance learning/virtual students will be held to the same expectations for work submission and grading guidelines as traditional in-person students.
    • If at any point a distance learning/virtual student is deemed as being unsuccessful in this platform, a conference will be held with the school principal to determine a change of status.