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  •  American Education Week

    Nov. 12-16, 2018 

    15 Reasons to LOVE Education


    1. Knowing you make a difference

    2. Creating a better tomorrow

    3. Working with childen

    4. Helping learning happen

    5. Memorable moments

    6. Being in great company

    7. Using your mind, heart, and soul every day

    8. Rewards that money can't buy

    9. Seeing a student's face light up

    10. A sense of accomplishment

    11. Shaping lives, dreams, and futures

    12. Each day can be an adventure

    13. Feeling proud of being a role model

    14. Summer vacation

    15. Recognizing that your job is important, even on "bad" days 


    RHS Homecoming 2018- Power Rangers 

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