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Welcome to Gary Road Intermediate

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016
Welcome to GRI UNIVERSITY  where we are equipping students with the tools necessary for college and career readiness! 

Stay connected with HCSD's mobile app

School Way - Dallas ISD's Mobile App[ HCSD parents, community members, and staff no longer need a computer to stay informed about the latest news from the district or individual schools. They instantly can have access to news, school board policies and messages from schools using their smart phones thanks to a new app for Android and iPhone developed by School Way. The free app offers information in English and Spanish and instant messages from the district or from specific schools chosen by the users. Parents also can access their students’ information and grades on the Parent Portal through the app.  For more details on My School Way click the following link.


Improve student achievement by communicating information to parents using a variety of channels and devices. TheeTips: Daily Parent Engagement Messages give you helpful information to "push" to parents who may not check your website.

  • eTips messages are easy to use! Weekly emails contain seven tips and links to use the next week—each ready to copy and paste or customize as you'd like.
  • 365 professionally‐written tips per year are designed to boost student achievement, reading, math, respect, resilience, responsibility, organization and motivation, support your Common Core goals and more!
  • Each daily tip comes to you in the perfect length! Short enough for voice/text messaging, parent portals and social media like Facebook, but long enough to provide a powerful, effective message that parents have time to read. Reach even hard-to-reach parents via smartphones.
  • eTips messages are written from a school leader's point-of-view. It's what YOU would tell parents if you could speak to each one of them personally!
  • eTips messages are from The Parent Institute, your trusted partner in improving student achievement and parent and family engagement for over 25 years! 
  • Click here to see the Tip of the Day 


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