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Carver Middle School!

Welcome, Guest.
Today is Sunday, October 26, 2014.

Red Ribbon Week will be Oct. 27-31. 

We will celebrate this week by dressing a different way each day.

Monday “Love Yourself Day”                                

Wear Red or Pink or anything with hearts on it.   

Tuesday “Say Peace-Out to Drugs”

Wear Tie-Dye.

Wednesday “I Pledge to be Drug Free”

Wear Patriotic clothes—Red, White, Blue, Stars

Thursday “Stay in the Game! Be Drug Free"

Wear your favorite sports apparel.      

Friday “Double-Up Against Drugs”

Find a twin and dress alike.

Please show your support by helping your student dress up each day!!              


**Student planners are $5.00, and every student must have one.  Please check this daily for important notes from your student's teachers.
**Newsletters will go home every OTHER Wednesday.



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