The Business Services Division supports the Hinds County School District's mission and vision so that the highest quality educational experience can be provided to our students.  This support is exhibited by maximizing District fiscal resources, providing quality educational facilities, and maintaining schools to the highest standards possible.  The Business Services division is made up of many people whose broad span of responsibilities promote academic excellence, fiscal responsibility, and public accountability.
Together this Division's staff works to conserve and safe guard District resources while delivering quality services expeditiously, and to create circumstances and conditions in which people can do their best work.

Earl Burke

Earl P. Burke
Assistant Superintendent of Business Services and Operations
Chief Financial Officer

Ph: 601-857-7070
Annual Audit Reports

Hinds County School District Audit Report, YE 06 30 15

Budget Presentations

FY2017 - Public Hearing on Budget [PPT]

Letters and Memos

Salary Schedules & Calendars

FY2017 Teacher Salary Schedule



FY2016 Teacher Salary Schedule (Approved 04/09/2015)

Classified Staff Salary Schedules - Food Service 

FY2015 School Year Calendar


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